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Survey Portfolio

Warehouse Layout

  • Building Size: 2,500,000sq feet
  • Footings: 920
  • Accuracy: .008'

Farr West was contracted to survey the location of platform footings in a large warehouse. Approximately 920 footings were located within the 2,500,000 square foot building. The footing required accuracy to within a 1/4 inch, or .02 feet. Utilizing Starnet post processing, three points resections, an SX10 one second robotic total station and the marksman rod, we were able to obtain a control network to within .003' across the entire length of the building, and estimated accuracies of footing locations to within .008'.

By contracting us to place footings instead of using string and tape, we saved the build crew multiple weeks of taping, and many other errors. For example, one section was done with string and tape prior to us finishing our control network. When we surveyed the footings marked by string and tape, errors were in excess of .10'. Carrying those string and tape errors over an entire warehouse could easily have resulted in over a foot of error. The foreman ultimately aligned with our process, which saved the project time and numerous errors.

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